facilities-sidebarCoastal Innovation Hub has facilities on University of South Alabama’s campus.
10,000 square feet
  • All-in-one-rental structure
  • Space available from 200 square feet
  • Central reception
  • Wi-Fi
  • Conference rooms
  • Wet/Dry lab space
Our facilities include larger inside spaces suitable for lab environments that have multiple uses and can be arranged based on tenant needs. Basic rent is for the space with full telecom support, wifi and electric service. Tenants with special air handling needs, water, or gas needs can negotiate installation costs and alternative rental rates with the HUB.
Some of the larger/lab oriented spaces temporarily have cubicles for work stations and optional arrangements can be made for each space.
Office space will have minimum furniture to get you started. A desk and two chairs plus whatever we can help you find to meet your needs.
Conference space consists of one large room with 10 seating capacity at this time and a smaller meeting room set up for 4-6 people.