ADT Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is focused on the development of anticancer therapeutics. Company technology includes a novel proprietary compound drug class that interacts directly with the Ras oncoprotein to inhibit with extraordinary potency and selectivity the growth of cancer cells. Many human cancers, including lung, colorectal and pancreatic cancers, are perpetuated by heightened Ras activity. Importantly, Ras-driven cancers also emerge during the development of resistance to conventional chemotherapy and/or radiation. DC070-547, the companies lead drug development candidate, displays in vivo antitumor efficacy with no discernible toxicity in preclinical models investigated to date.

AIM (Angel Investor Management) GROUP
AIM is a team of accredited investors who invest in companies along the Gulf Coast who are in need of capital for growth. In addition to investing capital, the Angel Network also aims to help make companies a success by using their considerable expertise and contacts to help their organizations develop. We offer angel investors the possibility of a studied due diligence process to generate considerable returns.

A 2013 Alabama Launchpad Startup Competition winner, Exscien has developed a first-in-class platform technology that enhances the body’s natural mechanisms to repair and reverse oxidative damage to mitochondrial DNA. Oxidative damage is a major component of the pathway linked to many chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dry macular degeneration and more. Exscien’s technology also mitigates and rectifies organ damage caused by acute and ischemic conditions such as heart attack, stroke and even traumatic injury. We initiate healing and restore normal metabolic function directly within the afflicted cells.

GOING GLOBAL is an informative online resource providing detailed information on working and traveling within the U.S. and abroad. Going Global contains career and employment information including job and internship listings, employer directories, work permit and visa regulations, salary information, resume writing, and more.

MD Mobile Care is a Transitional Care Management practice helping patients successfully navigate the first 30 days at home following hospital or rehab discharge. Care is provided by physicians and mid-level providers including non-physician practitioners such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The service is provided at the patient’s residence which is the preferred place to recover. We also help to provide community services as needed. Our service helps to improve the patient’s outcome and also lower the costly 30 day re-admission rates to the hospital. MD Mobile Care–From Hospital–to Home–to better Health.

The Small Business Development Center at the University of South Alabama provides one-on-one confidential counseling and educational training to entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to start or grow their businesses. It is part of the Alabama Small Business Development Center Network, a statewide, inter-institutional program to enhance economic growth in Alabama by providing management and technical assistance to small businesses.

Tala Professional Services is an international technology and business management firm that addresses technology and business process issues for a global clientele. We solve workplace process and document management, voice, data, cloud computing, audio visual, social media, wireless, wiring, and security problems for clients. TALA engages small to mid-size cities to implement innovative connected community technologies.

Tatva Biosciences was established with a goal to develop novel tools, reagents and products to facilitate basic and translational research that would ultimately lead to better human health. One of the primary technologies developed by the cofounders relates to the formulation of sun protection cream containing silver nanoparticles as active ingredients. Harmful solar radiations (UVB) are considered one major cause of skin carcinogenesis in developed countries, including the United States. Silver nanoparticles are capable of blocking as well as repairing the DNA damage caused by UVB radiations through their physical and bioactive properties in a superior and safer way than some most common active ingredients of current sunscreens. Alongside, Tatva Biosciences, funded through phase 1 SBIR funding from National Cancer Institute, is also developing cell lines from cancer patients of diverse racial background to facilitate basic research investigating underlying biological and molecular causes of cancer health disparities.

Travers Consulting offers services for healthcare application platforms such as electronic medical records, strategic planning, project management, business process analysis, and software development. Additionally, Travers Consulting provides outsourcing services for information technology service/help desk operations. The company was founded in 2012 by Steven Travers upon leaving his position as a Healthcare Practice Senior Manager at Accenture Consulting. Our company is focused on achieving exceptional results with our clients.


*Denotes that this business is a startup